Are you ready for a break out session that will really help your group break new ground?

The Raspyni Brothers provide workshops for both the mind and body that are anything but ordinary.

Just watch how spending 60 minutes with this pair of comedy juggling champions gets your team thinking in new and creative ways.

Funny Business

A comedian has to think outside the box - in fact, the good ones don't even have a box! Comedy writing will open doors to new ways of thinking about problems and solutions in life and business. Hands-on exercises let participants work with tools such as exaggeration, absurdity, and word play. They will learn to write jokes, think funny, and find answers by looking through the comic lens.

Laughter is internal jogging!

Comedy writing is aerobics for the brain.

Let the Raspyni Brothers' Funny Business Workshop increase your company's net-mirth.


This 30 - 60 minute workshop will have participants moving and laughing while playing with the Raspyni Brothers' patented invention - The VolcanoBall.

It's easy to master the basic tricks while building self-esteem and relieving stress. This original toy has none of the preconceptions associated with juggling and can be used in small spaces. Business tools such as juggling priorities, cultivating relaxed concentration, and creative problem solving skills are perfectly demonstrated during a VolcanoBall workshop.

A body in motion is a mind in motion. A recent study showed that activities like VolcanoBall actually increase gray matter - something modern science believed impossible.

Challenge your group with this eye-opening and brain-building experience.