Barry Raspyni was born with, and still has, the heart of a child.

Since his arrival on Income Tax Day in 1962, the taller Raspyni Brother has skyrocketed to an imposing 6' 1", while maintaining a very sleek 174 pounds. After extensive review of archive footage however, it is obvious that he looks both taller and heavier on television.

Moments after bumping into Dan Raspyni at a park in 1981, Barry was jolted from his path of mediocrity and knew his future would be bright.

The following summer he and Dan traveled the country performing a show that was made up as they went along. It was the time of his life. All these years later, it still is, but occasionally, Barry reflects on what might have been: pizza chef, forklift driver, or perhaps computer repair technician.

In a perfect example of just how unregulated the position of Legal Parent is in our country, Barry is a father of one boy, Zed, who was born in April of 2002. And, in a perfect example of just how tolerant, patient, and understanding the female species can be, he has been married to the same woman since October of 1987.

He is domestic, yet international. Recently, during a single week, he had breakfast on the Champs Elysees on Wednesday, and was raking his yard on Friday. He is a commercial pilot, can communicate in Morse code at upwards of 35 words per minute, and converted his VW Westfalia to a real vehicle by single-handedly outfitting it with a Subaru engine.

His intent is to never fully grow up.


Dan Raspyni was born in 1961 by Immaculate Conception (at least that's what his mother says).

His formative years were spent in the culturally deprived paradise that was California's San Fernando Valley in the 1970s. Wanting the easy money and warped reality enjoyed by child movie stars, he began taking speech and acting classes. At age eleven, he landed a supporting role in the cult horror classic, It's Alive.

After graduating from high school in 1978, he applied to the school of hard knocks, but was rejected because he had too much money.

In 1980 he set out on a quest to find the long lost brother he never had. After years of searching high and low, he started looking in the middle. It wasn't long before he located his unrelated sibling, Barry Raspyni, and the rest is history (or to be more accurate, their story).

Dan Raspyni enjoys tournament-level ping pong, internet poker, watching movies, and eating bland foods that are low on the glycemic index. An avid reader of high-brow literature, it's not unusual for him to read two celebrity tabloids in a single day.

Dan lives in San Francisco with his lovely wife Karen, their two pets, and a house full of furniture.

And now, five little known facts about Dan and the Raspyni Brothers:

» Even though Barry and Dan have worked together for over twenty years, they have never actually touched.

» In addition to his skills as a juggler, Dan is also very good at throwing objects up in the air and catching them again.

» When he travels internationally, Dan's code name is "The Jackal", and though his head is much larger than the passport photo he uses to identify himself, he has never been stopped by customs.

» Dan's pants size is 32" waist, 32" length. This makes him, by definition, a perfect square.

» Pushing the envelope and drawing outside the lines are two ways Dan and Barry stay original and avoid sounding cliche.