2007 Starts at Home!

We start out 2007 with a home town concert — well, for me.  Dan had to make the 2.5 hour drive but it was so darn worth it.  And, I must say right off the bat, the man was in rare form. Really, more so than ever.  He was on a roll and I lost it a number of times.

We had a sold out house of 300, including about 50 extra chairs in the front row and over 200 people at the door who couldn’t get in.  Damn… I hate that.

Our great friend Dave Nachmanoff opened the first and 2nd half of the show and he is just so darn good.  Go buy all his CDs right now — really.  Don’t get me started on how much I love Dave.

We got to do a few routines that we never tour with.  It was so much fun to have a theater packed to the gills with people who I see all the time in this wonderful small community.  I think we will do another local show this year — 3 years was way too long between local shows.

Zed did the very first opening act before Dave and he killed.  Did his diabolo routine with the music from his little Casio keyboard that he walks out with and turns on.  So calm, controlled, peaceful is he on stage.

Big month ahead.  Eight more shows all over the country.  I’ll be remembering tonight every time I step onto another airplane.

Wish you were here…