So strange to be here tonight with the American banking industry in a state of panic.

Our show was for Wells Fargo and it was business as usual. We actually went on stage right when the debates were starting. Kind of ironic.

Our good friend Paul Bachman came and hung around with us during the day and stayed for the show. Great to have an old friend like him here in the audience.

The crowd tonight just absolutely rocked! I didn’t want the show to end but the hour ended and they had a band waiting in another ballroom. This company knows how to reward their best employees!

Great crew that we have worked with a few other times. The stage manager said there was so much laughing on the intercom that she had a hard time knowing if anyone needed anything. Great comments.

Raspyni Brothers have a long history with Chicago. Many fine memories as well as our fist road gig together just about an hour from here. Of course, that was in 1982 when I had a full head of hair, Dan wore tights and bloomers, and we had no idea what was still to come. It’s always great to be here.

Heading out early tomorrow and home by 1:30. Something very wonderful and close to my heart is happening in my small town tonight, but I am here sharing laughs with 750 new friends… almost as good. A new round of brothers going through the weekend of ManKind Project just a few minutes from my house. I’ll be up there with them tomorrow night and that’ll make being home twice as nice.

Watching post-debate coverage right now… depending on what channel I flip to either McCain or Obama definitely won. Well, that’s not too helpful. I’ll catch the replay on the internet.

Praying for good things in our world so we can all keep doing what we love to do.