ING in Naples, FL

Sitting at the gate in Ft. Myers, FL waiting to go back home and reflecting on what a blast we had yesterday with the Honor Club of ING Financial Services. These people know how to party.

We did our show at 8:30 AM and it was a rocking good time. Always nice to see that a room full of people can have that much fun sans alcohol. The organizers put on quite an event for the best-of-the-best club – great acts over the course of 3 days on this rewards trip. Durwood Fincher is such a hoot. This guy makes these videos with the attendees that will have you falling on the floor laughing. He’s made a great career (and a boatload of money) by being sort of a bumbling nomad in a suit.

The night before our show they had Papa Doo Run Run. I was dead tired after flying all day and didn’t see the show but people were still buzzing from it the next morning. Can’t beat that review. Oh, and this review from their website says something:

“They sound more like the Beach Boys than the Beach Boys do!”
~ Don Bleu, Syndicated radio DJ and TV personality.

I love that one.

Saturday was Raspyni Brothers, you know about us so I won’t go into detail. Suffice it to say (and I’m quoting Kenny Banyan from Seinfeld here), We Killed.

Following us they had Mike Abershoff who we’ve worked with a number of times and as if being good looking, funny, nice and very personable isn’t enough, his speech packs quite a punch of actual content. If I were a lesser man I’d hate him!

Saturday night was a concert by Bruce Hornsby. I walked by and saw his sound check in the afternoon and he looked good, smiled a lot, and sounded exactly like Bruce Hornsby. I skipped the evening show because it was a black tie event and I wanted to take a short run on the beach after dark, followed by a nice long swimming workout in an empty lap pool. With a whole day of flying ahead, that sounded better than an hour of music.

Dan was back in business after a long and painful lower-back issue. The guy was a trooper on stage but every other time I saw him in the last 24 hours he’s had a post-pain, pre-pain, or present-pain grimace on his face. I remember from my accident last year how much it sucks to be less than whole. And I remember how great it felt to get back on the horse and do what I do best. I think this trip was good for him.

With crude oil selling for over $100/barrel I don’t know how much longer we’ll all be jetting around the world. But right now it’s time to assume the position. See ya.