Stuck backstage @ Allergan

Garden Grove, CA – This was a first. This goes under the category of “Not Glamorous Moments”.

We spend a lot of time at sales meetings for products we know nothing about. We learn enough to make the show funny and customized, but truth be told, we couldn’t walk into a prospect’s office and sound intelligent about any of the products we’ve helped launch.
Maybe that’s just because we never stay around for the whole meeting, right? You might have a point there — except –

Today we were STUCK backstage. Yep. We did our 10 minute opening to the general session and were stuck backstage because the stage was placed such that there was no way to exit the room without walking in front of the audience! So I did it. I listeded to every word of the meeting. Zymar. Acular LS. Numbers. Projections. Budgets. Incentives. They were speaking English, but it didn’t make much sense.

Two hours later we trotted out for a 15 minute closing appearance and my brain was mush. Looking at the faces of the people in the audience, it didn’t seem they understood the information either. We had a good closing show and went off and I headed straight out of the ballroom. The lobby of a hotel never felt so refreshing.

Great crew! Bumped into a producer I hadn’t seen in years — since she was with TBA in Nashville. Great to see you again, Pam! Hope we can do more shows with you soon.

Don’t forget to put the stage in front of the doors next time [:)]