Right Management is ALRIGHT by me

Boca Raton, FL – Sometimes we know a company so well, or we study their website and it’s very easy to understand what they are about. Tonight the humor really came from us not understanding a thing about what the company does and they loved that. It wasn’t so much that we were trying to play the irreverent card, it was just plain old not getting it. See if it’s just us. Here is a sentence straight from their website:

Right Management provides services across the Human Capital Lifecycle.

Now, I have a commercial pilot’s license, studied math through Advanced Trig, and single-handedly figured out how to install a Subaru engine into a VW Westfalia Camper, but that sentence has me scratching my big, bald head. It must have been something I didn’t learn in the 4 years of college I didn’t attend.

The lesson is this: you don’t have to pretend to understand or embrace something to have fun with it. But — don’t fake it. Come clean, use it as your premise for comedy and audiences will dig that honesty. Oh, and make sure the jokes are funny [:)]

We did a 60-minute show and earned a couple standing ovations. The crowd weighed in at around 150 in a very elegently decorated ballroom at the Boca Raton Resort and Club. I like this resort very much. We have been here 1/2 dozen times over the years. It’s expensive — just enjoyed a $30 in-room Caesar Salad that tasted exactly like a $7 one I get home, but for a few nights I can just pretend it all makes sense.

Then there is the pool — what an excellent pool. 25 yards long and the exact same temperature as the outside air. It’s like moving into a floatation tank. I did 3×500 yards before sound check and I’ll certainly do at least that in the morning before the ride back to the airport.

It’s been a good tour and we get to go home for the weekend. Back on the horse Monday morning with a trip down to Garden Grove, CA for another round of wackiness.

Stay tuned.