Those Crazy Flooring People

Howey-In-The-Hills, FL -PS America. PSA. These people sell flooring products to the trade. Call a ‘showroom’ a store and you owe them a buck. I paid on stage for that mistake.

We made 4 appearances throughout the evening’s award ceremony and it was a real great event. Produced by one of my all time favorite corporate producers – they always make sure everything is just right. It all seems so easy with Charmagne in control (although her pinch hitters were there tonight in her absense. Thanks Karen and Lisa).

The highlight of the show for me was a woman from the audience caught my ping pong ball and at the cheering of her table mates after Dan suggested it, she popped it into her mouth and spit it back to me.

I caught it in my mouth, spit it back to her and she caught it in her mouth. The crowd went absolutely crazy… I really wish there was a way to make that work every show… darn.

Then she came up to bring it back to me (probably for fear of starting the cycle over again) and she holds out her hand to shake. I say, “After what we’ve been through I think more than a handshake is in order…” and she pulls me down and kisses me on the lips. It was a pretty funny section… we had to regain control of the house after that.

Making memories for companies… I guess that’s our contribution to the world. If I were in the audience and saw that, I would bet ANYTHING that it was a setup. But, as all of you at PSA who know Crystyna, it wasn’t set up. Watch out for her — she’s going to drive you guys way above that 50M goal this year – no doubt.

This is not normal — if you’re reading this and thinking, “OH GROSS!”, well, yeah, but things happen in live theater and that’s what we all hope for.

Busy month ahead… Keep Reading.


PS… Oh, and Dan was great tonight. When he said that one thing and did the other thing… I swear I teared up, again.