Thanks Hank — WeaselMaster

Kansas City, MO — More fun last night at the Plaza in KC. I really like Kansas City… I saw the famous lights in downtown on their final night. Lucky me.

So during our Garden Weasel routine this guy from Alabama starts calling out, “He’s the Weasel Master!”, and he just wouldn’t stop. It was actually so funny and we had a good time playing with him. From the stage I asked Milt, who got an award for being with KC Life for 55 years, to confirm that as far as he knew that was the first use of the term ‘Weasel Master’ in the company’s history.

The stage setup was very bold at this event. We were on a 3′ high raised stage with a 20′ long runway jetting from the center to another ‘stage’ where the Award Winners sat to enjoy dinner and the show. The rest of the people were at rounds on the ground level. It offered so many options for moving around, playing with the crowd, changing things up.

We did our whip routine with a guy named Scott from Topeka, KS who is a world champion bow hunter. I had a great talk with him at a reception after the show. He hunts in Antarctica and around the world. It was fun to enjoy a good local beer, chocolate dipped strawberries, and hear tales from his world – including a week of Muskox hunting!

We are at the airport now heading to Boca Raton, FL for a show tonight. Been a busy week and having more fun every night. What’s with that?

I hear them starting up the plane.