Harman Pro Group

Huntington Beach, CA – It is always a welcome challenge doing a show for people in the industry.

Tonight we had an audience of 200 people who sell sound and lighting equipment to stadiums and arenas all over the world. It’s challenging because these are usually the guys who are behind the sound board, on a lighting catwalk, tuning up the mics — but now they were dressed up in suits and getting awards and watching a show.

They don’t know how to handle themselves. You can almost see them reaching onto the table (where their sound controls would normally be) and adjusting levels.

We did an hour and after about 10 minutes they were able to forget who they usually are in this setting and laugh it up like any room full of people.

I saw some of the most phoenomal equipment I have ever laid eyes upon. A sound board (sorry, don’t remember the make or model) that is all digital and touch control. The level sliders can sense if you meant to move them, or it it happened by accident. If you bump a random bunch of them up, they instantly return to where they were — right before your eyes. Oh man, my nerdy side is coming out. I’ll stop with the tech gushing.

They gave out some huge awards to guys who just set up the arena in S. America for 1.5 million people at a Rolling Stones concert. That’s an opening act spot I’d take in a second.

The production at this event was world-class. The Hyatt here in HB is a seriously state-of-the-art venue. Thanks to Jennifer, Paul and Cristina for making it such a fun day and night. And the suite — thanks! I could see living in this room.

Car is coming to get us at 5:30 AM as we have a show in Kansas City tomorrow night. It’s a busy week.